The (un-)Changing Demands of the Guitar Market

The Guitar: A Classic Instrument with a Constant Market

electric guitar store

Electric guitar store

The guitar has been the reigning champ of Rock-n-Roll instrument sales since the genre became popular. It took a quick dip in the 80’s with techno and keyboard popularity, but has never fully vacated its throne. Overall, the guitar is one of the best-selling instruments of all time, and for good reason.

Guitars have never faced becoming obsolete because they are so versatile. The popularity of country music and the resurgence of “unplugged” and acoustic performances have secured the guitar’s place. Even with the advent of mail order and internet auctions, the guitar still tops the list of favored instruments.

In a lot of ways, the guitar is synonymous with the American ideal. It unites various and multiple cultures, supports many types of musical expression, and can be as simple or as technologically advanced as the player desires. Each has a unique sound, and each player can further that unique sound with his or her abilities.

The overall production of the guitar business changes slowly, but that is not a bad thing. Designers such as Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, and Martin have created brands that define the industry. Even with all the new and innovative models, people still clamber for traditional designs. An advanced guitarist salivates over a Les Paul or a Stratocaster, just as every accomplished violinist desires a Stradivarius. Quality tends to trump novelty, but both are happily available.

From a sales standpoint, no other instrument moves like the guitar. The profit margin is always favorable, and inventory is constantly on the go. Some experts have even predicted a large influx of baby boomers seeking acoustic refuge from their high-tech jobs. The good old guitar fits that need.

There has been a slump in electric guitar sales the last couple of years, and many blame the current economic situation. Even with the popularity of heavy metal and steel-slide guitar music, it seems that folks just aren’t willing to shell out $1,000+ for an instrument. Just yet.

No matter what the economy or current musical trend, the guitar remains an iconic force in the American culture and musical industry.

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