New Or Used – The Guitar Buying Dilemma

New Or Used – The Guitar Buying Dilemma

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Used electric guitars

Every new guitar player runs into the same problem when it comes to buying a guitar: should I buy a new guitar or a used one for my first instrument? If you have the money and are serious about playing the guitar, then it is a good idea to purchase a new one. However, if you are unsure how long your playing will last – you may find that you don’t like playing the guitar at all – then a used guitar will be a better purchase.

Buying a used guitar, however, should be done carefully. If you know someone that plays and is familiar with guitars, ask them to shop for a used guitar will you. They will be able to sit down with the instrument in question, play it and determine if it is worth the money. They will also look at the overall condition of the guitar to make sure there are no problems with it. Look for any cracks in the wood of the guitar that could get larger down the road. Look for worn frets that will need to be replaced as well as loose tuners. If any of these are present, think about how much it could cost to replace them.

You also want to look for any signs that they guitar was damaged and then repaired. This is usually a good indication that the instrument is way past its prime. If you are going to spend the money on a guitar, you want one that is going to last you for long time and not one that will eventually fail you and cost you more money to replace.

If you find a used guitar that is good shape, compare the price of the guitar with other used and new guitars that are being sold. A used guitar that is only slightly cheaper than a new one is not worth the money. You might as well invest in a new guitar that also offers you a warranty in the event something goes wrong with it. Used guitars don’t come with warranties.

Always carefully check a used guitar before you purchase it to ensure you are getting a good deal on it. Sometimes you can save up to a third of the cost of a new guitar by purchasing a used one, especially if you are looking for a specific style of guitar that may no longer be produced. The saving may be minimal in the long run and you may need to seriously consider that before purchasing it.

Instead of buying a used guitar for your first guitar, consider buying it for the second guitar in your collection. The money you pay for a new guitar will save you more in the long run than the money you pay for a used guitar that may have some problems you weren’t expecting.