Which Guitar Brands Should You Consider Buying?

A Consumer’s Guide to Guitars

When looking for a new guitar, you are confronted with myriad choices. One of the most important, of course, is what brand of guitar to buy. Since there are so many to choose from, this article will go over several major brands and well-known and trusted models to consider getting for your first (or next) axe.

Why Should You Get a Major Brand Guitar?

While it’s true that there are a number of lesser-known guitar companies that make perfectly good guitars, and luthiers who make unique, beautiful, and excellent-sounding guitars, it is a good idea to consider getting a brand-name instrument, particularly for your first go-round. There are several reasons. These guitars tend to be both less expensive than custom luthier-made guitars and higher in quality than off-brands. Parts for replacement and repair are more plentiful and less expensive. Most brand-name companies offer multiple models that you can choose from to make your own unique sound.


One of the leaders in guitar manufacture and marketing is The Gibson Guitar Corporation. Founded in 1902 in Kalamazoo MI, the company is best known for its legendary Les Paul electric guitar (named after the famed guitarist who designed it) and the classic Hummingbird acoustic guitar. They offer the SG series and the Flying V. Their Epiphone division makes well-crafted and relatively inexpensive guitars. They also make the well-known Kramer line of guitars.


The Fender Instruments Corporation is well known for its Telecaster and Stratocaster models, each one with a unique signature sound. The Jaguar and the Jazzmaster are very popular amongst guitarists. The list of well-known Fender guitar (and bass) users is a testament to the quality and sound of these guitars. Fender also markets the renowned Gretsch line of guitars, as well as Squier, their budget guitar line.


Ovation acoustic guitars are unique in both appearance and sound. The back and sides of the guitar are replaced by round bowls made of composite rather than wood, producing a deep, rich sound. They are also much lighter than their all-wood counterparts. Acoustic and Electric-Acoustic models are both available.

C. F. Martin

Founded in 1833, this is one of the oldest existing musical instrument companies around, and it has been owned and run by the Martin family since its inception. They are famed for their flat-top acoustic guitars. These instruments are renowned for their tone quality and their excellent build. With many of their models priced in the thousands, a Martin guitar is an investment, but it is also the last guitar you will ever need.


If you are looking to get the maximum bang for your guitar-buying buck, Ibanez is a great way to go. A leading Japanese guitar maker, Ibanez has well-made guitars for all price points, including the signature models of many renowned musicians.

Hope This Helped!

Check out what is available online and locally, and try a few of these guitars. If you get a n instrument from one of these companies, you can’t go wrong.