Buying and Selling Guitars Online

The Smart Way to Buy and Sell Your Guitars Online

You can save a great deal of money by purchasing guitars online and make a healthier profit by selling your equipment online over other methods. But you need to be smart about it! With just a few good pointers, you can get the most for your buying and selling efforts. Here, we will go over some important things to consider when doing business online.

Buying online

When you are buying online, it is extremely important to know exactly what you are looking for beforehand. This is going to be easier if you have already started with a base model and are looking for an upgrade. If this is your first purchase, you should at least drop by a music store and try a few axes on for size. Please keep in mind that many instrument salesmen get paid commissions and/or bonuses based on their sales, so if you spend more than a very short time talking to them, consider giving them the sale.

That having been said, once you have decided to make an online purchase, choose your seller carefully!

Online Merchants — If you choose a merchant such as Musician’s Friend, American Musical Supply, or zZounds, there is a good chance that you will save yourself money. Save more by comparing prices on these and other sites. Some merchants will include extra items with the guitar (picks, extra strings) that other stores won’t, so be sure to factor that in. Also remember to factor in shipping charges. Above all else, make sure that the seller is reputable. Check their ratings on independent sites, and carefully review their return policy in case something goes awry.

eBay — You can find amazing deals on eBay and other auction sites, but you need to be even more careful than with the merchants listed above when doing business with sellers on this site. Carefully check their reviews and their rating. If their rating is below 90%, be extra careful! Also consider how long they have been trading on eBay.

Selling online

This section essentially boils down to one cardinal rule: Be the seller that you would want to buy from.

eBay — When putting an item up for sale on eBay, it is absolutely critical to be 100% accurate in your description of the product, flaws and all. You don’t have to offer free shipping, but if you DO charge, be fair. You don’t want to price yourself out of a sale by inflating the charges.

Speaking of accuracy, this is no time to skimp on the photography. Make sure your guitar is well lit and in focus. Take pictures at several different angles and highlight dings and scratches. If photography is a weak spot, find someone who can do it right.

Craigslist — The days of classified newspaper ads are over. This is where people go to buy and sell locally. But people also call this site “Flake’s List” for a reason. Just as with eBay, you can set yourself apart from others and get the sale with accurate descriptions and good photos. Be sure to set your price fairly by comparing your offering price to similar items being offered.

Go forth boldly

By doing your homework and playing fair, you can maximize your buying and selling online.